Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying to find my way

I'm not ignoring nor discontinuing this blog, I'm simply trying to find my way...

Do I want to focus on my life?
My food?

I live in the country and surprisingly in this day and age...our internet still sucks! So...

I'll get there, and I want to make this little thing pretty.

Friday, April 15, 2011

He cuts down trees

I've mentioned before about the surplus of burning material on our land...Well last weekend, two trees were saved from the raging fire. A big huge bass tournament is coming up at the end of the month and in preparation for said fishing, two trees were taken to the lake.

Now...I wasn't raised in Texas, in fact I was raised in its polar opposite...Southern California...And then a suburb of Las Vegas before making my way to East Texas almost 9 years ago. This is home, I have the Texas flag tattooed on me. But there are still practices of these country folks that I love, that I don't quite understand, or have even heard of before.

Lover cut down two trees, about 2 feet below their first split point, wrapped up all the branches, like they could a christmas tree, and then tied to pieces of steel pipe to the end. Steel pipe is also in excess around these parts, we're in the oilfield country. Then he loaded these trees up in the boat and hauled them off the next morning to drop into the lake the big tournament will be on.

All in all, the theory, once explained to this still somewhat city girl made sense. I remember fishing up next to the banks with my daddy, fish liked brush, well Lover, "planted" brush into the middle of the lake.

I'll wish him well!

On a completely different subject...

I love cooking, I cook everyday, my choice. I read cookbooks for fun. If I could cook for a living, I would, but that's hard to do around these parts. I've tossed around the idea of baking in my spare time and selling these baked goods. Just to see where it would go, always dreaming it would take off and I could actually make a living doing what I love.

Well two day ago I was talking to a friend of my mother's about the idea and she mentioned she was having a luncheon the next day and needed dessert. Dream meet chance! I was up til midnight baking away and she picked up the cookies yesterday morning. I received a text this morning that she thought they were delicious and would be calling for more in a few weeks.

I couldn't be happier!

I think coming up, I need to write a blog about the intricacies of this man I love.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Digging his own grave

Here's the conversation from last night...I'll set the scene, I'm in the kitchen washing dishes, Pookie is in the living room, in the recliner, watching the Rangers...

Redneck:'re probably going to be mad at me, I splurged today...

Me: Ok??? (I'm thinking he bought himself breakfast or something minimal.)

R: I bought a $20 scratch off...

I give him the death look from the kitchen

R: But it's ok cause I won $60 and two tickets for the big drawing tomorrow night.

M: Ok, well you know they have $10 bouquets of flowers at Walmart. I like those.

R: I know honey, but I don't buy scratch offs that often, maybe once a week...

R:But I don't buy flowers ever huh? I'll shut up now.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who taught her these things???

I'll spare you all the details and simply say the following...
  • Mothers have no privacy
  • My child thinks all doors need to be shut, toilet seats/lids too
  • The bone right beneath your eye...VERY LITTLE padding
  • Bare Minerals is wonderful, but does not cover facial bruising.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A list

This weekend we...

1. Purchased a 10x20 storage unit...which will now be referred to as the "Man Cave"
2. Cooked pork chops, chicken ticklers, sausage, boudain and a foil package of asparagus, red bell peppers, onions, potatoes and jalapenos...All for two people
3. Yesterday we drove a hour and half...To go to Bass Pro Shop. We were there for maybe a hour, in which time I found fudge and a pink shirt. Honey bunches of oats found all different kinds of sparkly fluorescent worms. I think I won. And then we drove a hour and half home. Oh and I got a Happy Meal in the deal. FYI Charlie Sheen, this IS winning!

And now...

I'm going home to fry pickles. I think they are due since last night I made a HUGE asian salad with leftover grilled pork chops.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just cause I'm bias

Someone famous resided here...

Last night, my dear ol lover called me outside, away from Top Chef and my Asian salad to explain to me how our new sprinkler system would work.

It's going to be grand.

I changed the subject and told him a story from class...

I'm in school to become a paralegal and have the same teacher for 3 hours a day...we tend to talk about anything, today the subject switched to the female basketball player for Baylor and how tall she is...Lover and I had watched a special on her within the last week and I remembered her, so I asked my teacher when Baylor would be playing again and he said probably Friday. Well Friday isn't a TV option in our house...Friday is bon fire night...Yes, even in the summer...There is always something to burn.

The class laughed, maybe they don't understand the pedigree of man I love. I told this story to dear ol lover and he laughed, knowing the truthfulness behind it.

So...I brought up something I've said many times, "I should write a blog about our life, the things you say, the things you do..."

He butted in and said, "Ya, and then we can put a sign up on the interstate, you know the kind that says, so and so lived here..."

"Yes honey, they have them at the entrances to towns, typically where famous people were born."

"Ya, they could have one for me."

Why, yes my dear, you will become famous off my little blog and the city will put up a sign stating you lived here...

Oh the life of a redneck lover...