Thursday, March 24, 2011

Someone famous resided here...

Last night, my dear ol lover called me outside, away from Top Chef and my Asian salad to explain to me how our new sprinkler system would work.

It's going to be grand.

I changed the subject and told him a story from class...

I'm in school to become a paralegal and have the same teacher for 3 hours a day...we tend to talk about anything, today the subject switched to the female basketball player for Baylor and how tall she is...Lover and I had watched a special on her within the last week and I remembered her, so I asked my teacher when Baylor would be playing again and he said probably Friday. Well Friday isn't a TV option in our house...Friday is bon fire night...Yes, even in the summer...There is always something to burn.

The class laughed, maybe they don't understand the pedigree of man I love. I told this story to dear ol lover and he laughed, knowing the truthfulness behind it.

So...I brought up something I've said many times, "I should write a blog about our life, the things you say, the things you do..."

He butted in and said, "Ya, and then we can put a sign up on the interstate, you know the kind that says, so and so lived here..."

"Yes honey, they have them at the entrances to towns, typically where famous people were born."

"Ya, they could have one for me."

Why, yes my dear, you will become famous off my little blog and the city will put up a sign stating you lived here...

Oh the life of a redneck lover...

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